Two's Company
By Alice La Roux

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Mira Johnson leads a quiet, boring life.

She works in a demanding job that barely covers the rent of the grotty little flat that she shares with her best friend, Jenna. To top it off, she’s unlucky in love. She’s only ever had one serious boyfriend, who left her doubting her own worth.

That is until a steamy office encounter brings Dominic Underwood into her life, but he doesn’t come alone. His live-in girlfriend Katya is part of the package, and Mira finds herself unable to say no to that sinful smile of his. When Dominic starts to push her boundaries, she’s not sure what she’s gotten herself into.

Two’s company, but three’s a party, right?


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All about Alice

Alice La Roux is a dirty minded, foul mouthed Welsh author who dabbles in erotica, horror and fantasy. She has an MA degree in English Literature from Swansea University, earned despite her issues with procrastination. She’s a bookworm who drinks too much prosecco (is there such a thing?), loves her dog and is addicted to social media.

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